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The Marina Bay Cafe & Restaurant - CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai

Oh boy ... The Marina Bay Cafe & Restaurant is a special one for me. My cool girl, Tink was coming over to Mumbai for the first time to meet me. Not our first meeting but first one officially in Mumbai. She was all set to fly from Hyderabad for our Roka. Behind the scenes, I was rushing from cafe to cafe to find in a place where I can take her to. Considering her aesthetic taste and her attention to detail for art, I needed a place that should blend to her liking. As I drove through the streets of Belapur, the streets vibing with daily hustle bustle, the August sun about to set and bring forth the happy evening shoppers out of their homes. I drifted past Marina Bay Cafe & Restaurant on the opposite side of the road and somehow felt this is the perfect place. Took a U-turn, parked the car, stepped out, hopped in Marina Bay Cafe & Restaurant, checked out the menu, had a word with the guy at the counter and came back out with a smile on my face, knowing deeply inside that this is the place.

The Marina Bay Cafe & Restaurant - Belapur, Navi Mumbai

Marina Bay Cafe Belapur Navi Mumbai

The D-day was here. Took my girl inside the wooden gate on top of which is carved a wooden deer, the symbol of unconditional love. And once we were inside the gate, we were welcomed with warmness and smiles that reach the eye. The sitting of the Marina Bay cafe are really aesthetic with evergreen plants adding freshness, the paintings on the wall adding richness and the aroma of the coffee taking our senses for a beautiful ride. We climbed up to the stairs and seated ourselves on the sofas, which provided instant comfort to my running nerves as my tink was finally mine this day.

Coffee Time

We ordered regular cups of hot freshly brewed cappuccino and we waited eagerly for the artistry of the café to meet indulgence of rich coffee. I gazed at my doll sitting across me, looking ever pretty, beautiful and cute as she went on talking about her college days and how she had never explored this area.

And finally, the hot cappuccino was served and it seemed ready to transport us to a realm of pure delight. Its delicate fragrance danced around our senses, gently beckoning us to embark on a journey of taste and luxury. I watched tink hold the exquisite porcelain cup in her hands and take a small sip. Her eyes sparkled as she took a sip and passed a warm smile to me. That made the day for me.

I picked up my own cup and felt the warmth emanating from the carefully crafted blend of frothy milk and rich espresso. I don't know whether it was the coffee or the smile that tink gave me but every sip felt like a delicate dance of contrasts, where the bitter and the sweet intertwine in perfect harmony, leaving an intricate tapestry of sensations that is simply irresistible.

It was a perfect day ....

The Marina Bay Cafe & Restaurant - Belapur, Navi Mumbai - Location

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