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IKEA- Navi Mumbai

"Agar aap IKEA gae aur jo chahiye tha uske alawa sab kuch aur na leke aae , toh kya aap khaak IKEA gae " is what I always used to listen to before i finally went there with my cool boy and family.

It was a fun filled day with lots of walk, gazing at the random stuff and wondering that ooh does this also exists and of course lots of food.

Our aim to go to IKEA was to get me an office chair as since the last 4 months i was working happily on a plastic chair ( tent chairs) and then everyone apart from me was so worried about my back pain which they literally saw incoming at lightspeed towards me. We were at the IKEA store looking at all the foldable , unfoldable chairs . New mummy , papa and Akshay sat on more than 30 chairs after every minute just to find the perfect chair. At that time too I was busy looking at the plastic sunflower which fascinated my eyes so much. After a good walk for about 2 hours , we were all famished and we went straight to have food and literally ordered everything on the menu(Gosh ,that was one satistfying meal), but how can a meal be completed without a COFFEE.

IKEA, Navi Mumbai Store Visit
IKEA, Navi Mumbai

By the time I had my cappuccino I was so drowsy that I so wished to sleep on the IKEA mattress displayed in the perfect trial bedroom, but knock knock happened to my mind when I realized that still I have not selected my perfect chair and it was already 4. With drowsy eyes and playful mind we again headed to the chair section where I found my boys eyes laid on the perfect rose gold chair. He jumped and sat on that with his 96kgs bodyweight(chuckling while writing this). I just sat on that chair for 10 seconds and I was so sure that this is all what I wanted from the last 3 hours. And without a second thought I knew this is the chair I'm taking back home, chair was my second love affair at IKEA after Sunflower which I saw( which monster did not let me bring because he promised he will bring in real ones which will look much more better ) by the time we got billed and bought the chair back at home it was already 5:45 and my sleep time was gone with wind but at least I got something amazing which I always wanted to sit on.

Ikea Navi Mumbai Food
IKEA Wholesome Meal

And the best or the worst part is that Akshay gifted me half of the chair amount claiming it to be my birthday gift, and my birthday is more than 1 month from now( I guess this is what adulting is when you start gifting each other things more sensible gifts and not those shaka laka boom boom pencil by which I did not get the tarzan car which I made( but anyways who wants to be an adult).But deep down I still think that rose gold chair was just the starters to my whole meal which I am yet to get from Monster.

IKEA, Navi Mumbai Location

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2 komentáře

Parveen Kumar
Parveen Kumar
27. 7. 2023

The story line is so compelling that I feel like visiting again and again. Thanks for keeping the experience live in words . Love you.

To se mi líbí

Devanshi Bansal
Devanshi Bansal
25. 7. 2023

This made me feel like I was there on your chair hunt! 😄

To se mi líbí
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