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Days At The Morisaki Bookshop - Book Review

The author, Satoshi Yagisawa, weaves a tale so mesmerizing that it has the power to turn even the most hardened non-reader into a bibliophile.

The literary caper began at Kolkata Airport, where Prerna innocently acquired the book, only to have it snatched by yours truly in a daring act of literary larceny. Now, before you cast judgment on my thieving ways, allow me to extol the virtues of this delightful volume.

Once I pilfered it from Prerna (sorry, not sorry), much like a kid who couldn't wait for his turn at the swing, I indulged in a quick swipe and off I went into Yagisawa's enchanting world of literature.

The real calamity happened when in a tussle of possession with Prerna, I blabbed out the story - a true foot-in-mouth moment. Trust me, you don't want to be at the receiving end of Prerna's glare! But I loved every moment of it (my sadist self basking in glory).

But what an exhilarating joyride it has been! Yagisawa doesn't just narrate a story; he crafts an atmosphere so tangible that I could practically smell the dust from old, forgotten books. His quirky portrayals of characters so richly ingrained in the world of books made me feel I was part of their literary tribe.

"Days at the Morisaki Bookshop" is a magic carpet ride through the nooks and crannies of literary love. It's an adrenaline injection directly into the heart of bookworms, igniting a sense of nostalgia while cultivating a newfound appreciation for the written word. It didn't just leave me calmer and relaxed; it sparked in me a bibliophilia so strong that even Prerna's wrath seems insignificant.

In conclusion this is an exceptional book. Though, do take this review with a pinch of salt; after all, it's from the guy who hasn't yet mastered the art of waiting his turn. But the book left me feeling calmer, more enlightened, and with a newfound appreciation for the magic that happens within the pages of a well-crafted story.

Its a great start to my new hobby that I'm going to chase in this glorious year of 2024. Stay tuned for more....

And in case you want to buy this, grab it on Amazon or steal it like I did from your loved ones !!!

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