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A Tale of New Year's Eve in Alibagh - Jan 2024

Can you hear that? That's my dentist weeping, not just because I had one too many snacks and chai on our Alibagh escapade, but because - plot twist - I managed to find a way to make New Year's Eve 2024 even sweeter!

Our adventure began with a scenic morning drive to Alibagh with Tink, the chatterbox. Conversation topics ranged from praising Tink to Tink's secret financial masterplan. No road is too long when you have good company or when you've got Tink's imaginative stories to keep you entertained.

Navigating to our destination was a bit of a puzzle, but who needs GPS when you've got Tink's infallible philosophy of 'keep going till you hit the ocean'. And hit the ocean, we did!

The campsite was an oasis straight out of a movie. Tent city, lip-smacking food, and the beach – it felt like we'd accidentally stumbled upon paradise.

Walking on the wet sand was surreal, like stepping into a Salvador Dali painting. As we watched the final sunset of 2023, I swept my cutie into my arms, secretly hoping I hadn't forgotten how to put her back down.

Following this priceless moment, we cha-cha'd our way to the DJ, shedding any lingering bits of our two left feet. We bobsledded on the sandy dance floor, weaving among an eccentric crowd that encompassed everything from shy wallflowers to enthusiastic disco kings.

Fireworks greeted us at the stroke of midnight, lighting up the sky like an artist's palette. Drawing on our most profound Zoolander moments, we lit a floating lamp and released it into the sky, hoping for divine grace and possibly a little less chaos in 2025.

Then, there was the bonfire with live music where we huddled close like two very social penguins, stealing warmth and enjoying tunes that serenaded the starlit sky.

As we crashed into our tent, with sand in our hair and stars in our eyes, we couldn't help but marvel at the mad, wonderful way we kicked off 2024! New Year's resolution? Definitely, making my all Tink's wishes come true!

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